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Account Override in Cube View

We are trying to Override account member in Column.we have 2 accounts being called in a single column, her we need to Override only 1 account member from the list of 2 accounts.Below is the reference CV.In the below screenshot we are having 2 account...

nidhi by New Contributor
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Resolved! SOC Assurance over Marketplace solutions

Is there any clear coverage for audit purposes over Marketplace solutions such as the Excel Add-In or Application Reports? I don't see it clearly covered in the SOC1 or SOC2 reports and our auditors are questioning how we know the interfaces and repo...

LisaS by New Contributor III
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Member pulling different description

I have an application using the culture feature. This gives me multiple member description options. When I pull a member in a cube view, it's displaying the description from the wrong culture. It's pulling from the English culture description instead...

DDrider by New Contributor II
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VBA/Macro in Excel - More information on what you can do

I have some power Excel users that want to dig deep into automation within Excel and are asking for any documentation there might be. Anybody know of anything other than what you can see in the Addin itself? Is there a full list of all the calls that...

Resolved! Use XFMemberProperty to get year from time parameter

Hi I'm looking to get the year from a time parameter to use in a cube view header. Is it possible to use the XFMemberProperty rule if possible?I've tried :Name(XFMemberProperty(DimType=Time, Member=|!TimeParameter!|, Property=Year)) but the system do...

MarkBird by Contributor II
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