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Data flip sign when exporting to Excel

Dear community, We encountered a reporting issue: when exporting a cube view to Excel, one line of data will flip the signage. In cube view, we have the Budget amount of (10,763), and the delta is calculated with GetDataCell(CVC(Actual column) - CVC(...

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LisaC by New Contributor II
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Resolved! Cube View Cell Conditional Formatting - Large % result

I am trying to create a conditional formatting code to convert a large percentage result in a percent variance column to replace it with text ("nm"). Can anyone provide the conditional formatting text that would replace the actual % variance with tex...

kglen by New Contributor
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Resolved! cube view formatting

I want format the Cube view cell based on cell amountIf (CellAmount > GetDataCell(CVC(Col2)) )ThenBackgroundColor = Red, TextColor = WhiteEnd if This code is not working, Actually I am comparing actual amount with budget. how can we do this?