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Resolved! Linked Parameter in Table View

Hello, I have a doubt about table view custom parameter. Let's say we have defined two parameters namely "Param_1" and "Param_2". the requirement is my "Param_2" values should be based on "Param_1" is it possible to achieve? When I select a Value in ...

Mubarak_H by New Contributor II
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Resolved! Export a report to Excel Error - Unable to open file

Hi all, I'm encountering an error with one user who is attempting to export a report to Excel. The download process is functioning correctly, and the file is being saved in the OnStream temporary folder. However, the issue arises as OneStream is unab...

GParreiras by New Contributor III
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Cube view - add more row members

I want to add more filters to my row, just as I have it in my Excel quickview, but from what I saw there is no visual way to add it, so I needed to know how to do this, whether it is through a business rule or another way.

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Marco by Contributor
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Cube View POV setting

I'd like assistance with utilizing a formula within the UD1 dimension section of the attached POV Cube view. Specifically, I am trying to subtract one cost center from another. So the formula I'm hoping for is something like "GPPPFI - GPPPAccounting"...

bisenhart by New Contributor II
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Data flip sign when exporting to Excel

Dear community, We encountered a reporting issue: when exporting a cube view to Excel, one line of data will flip the signage. In cube view, we have the Budget amount of (10,763), and the delta is calculated with GetDataCell(CVC(Actual column) - CVC(...

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LisaC by New Contributor II
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