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Can I use a middle digit to sort/filter?

Hello! My brain is mush so I'm posting this for the bigger audience to please help me brainstorm or answer me directly if it's possible Can I use a middle digit on an account name in a member filter? For example, the 4th digit of our cost centers rep...

IPE for Reports

I am looking to get more information on how the OneStream Parameter Dialog Box figures out what parameters to present for the end user when they run cube view report. Is there a way to leverage that same functionality to create a delimited listing of...

Drilldown ability in BI Viewer

In BI Viewer, Is it possible to drilldown to the base level members using Pivot Grid within the same dimension. Like if I pull Entity dimension in a row then is there any way to drill down to the base level members ?Also, Can filters list out the mem...

sku571 by New Contributor
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Regression line in BI Viewer

Hello folks, I'm trying to add a regression line on a scattered chart in Bi Viewer. I'm trying to use Calculated fields but when I arrive to the point of calculating the y in the equation I get an error as a "summary expression" is expected: [interce...

giutor73 by New Contributor II
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Dashboard Extender Event after Selecting Parameter Values

Hi, Anyone knows what the LoadDashboardReasonType or LoadDashboardActionType after the user selects the parameters for the prompt upon opening the dashboard? I want to put a code after the user selects values for the dashboard parameters (see below) ...

agent09 by New Contributor II
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