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Cube Views Column & Row time intersection

I am trying to get prior year actuals in the same column as current year actuals. The code i am using in the CV is above. This result pulling back in YTD prior year but I want monthly value for prior year.

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JenJessel by New Contributor III
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Resolved! XFBR for Column Sharing

Hello, I am using a cube view that has the same rows, but it needs different columns based on the UD8 member. I built multiple template columns cube views, and created a parameter for UD8 members. I want to retrieve the column template CV based on th...

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Ioana by New Contributor III
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Resolved! Excel XF() functions - problems with Save Offline Copy feature

All, Does anyone out there have users with massive (thousands of rows and dozens of columns) XFGetCell() workbooks that are seeing issues with the "Save Offline Copy" feature? (and yes, I know.. they should not be creating these massive workbooks in ...

kmd by Contributor
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