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Resolved! Hyphen in Excel Report Book Items

I have a report book I've built that loops thru a dimension and creates a tab for every member in a ud hierarchy. I've set book to label the tabs using the CVUD2 and CVUD2Description. It works quite well except there are some descriptions that have h...

Resolved! Onion Graph on Dashboard

Jigsaw, one of the partners in South Africa needs to build an Onion Graph for one of our SA customers. Anyone have an idea how to do this?

rsmit by New Contributor II
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Resolved! Quickview Page Breaks

Hello! I'm looking for a solution to the new Quickview feature of splitting up Excel tables into pages, when the number of rows exceeds a certain number. I'd like to show all information in one page still, if possible.

zcho by New Contributor
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Animated stuffs in dashboard

Hello ! I would like to bring some animations on my dashboard.Anything from animated gif, autoplayed videos, CSS code ... that could be useful !I have tried adding "file viewer" for an MP4 video but the "auto play" attribute doesn't seem to work. I'v...

Sergey by Contributor II
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