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Retain filter selection between BI viewer components

Hi, I have created a dashboard which contains multiple BI viewer components. Each BI viewer component is composed of a data grid and a set of list box filters. Is it possible to setup the BI views so that the selection done on the filters by a user i...

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AndreaF by Contributor III
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BI Viewer component in Powerpoint extensible document

Hello, Does anyone have experience linking a dashboard chart built with BI Viewer in Powerpoint via alt text? We tried including it as a BI Viewer or Chart component, but the chart does not appear in the Powerpoint. {XF}{Application}{BI Viewer}{MyCom...

LisaC by New Contributor II
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Options to report on large set of data

Hello All, Administrator of the application we are working on wants to allow users to do some analysis on their budget data at detailed level, crossing 3 dimensions in rows (the same way they are doing in SAP currently) which are quite big (entities,...

MatthieuR by New Contributor III
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Advanced chart formatting

Hello everyone, We have a few dashboard chart questions. 1. Waterfall chart Does anyone know if there are ways to change the data label text and background color? For example, change all the data labels to black text and remove all the red, green, an...

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LisaC by New Contributor II
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