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Move Company Logo to Right on Reports

Is there a way to move the company logo to the right header side of reports? I have applied a business rule to move the report title on the left but now it is hidden behind the company logo. TYIA!

rcurtis by New Contributor
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Resolved! Report Books - Loop, NOT Excel TABs and or Spread sheets!

Report Books LOOPS - A Loop is a sequence of instructions that will continually run a process as many times as is defined in the Loop Definition. For example, a book can be set up to loop through all the base entities under a particular hierarchy and...

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cbriscoe by New Contributor II
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Resolved! Sql Table Editor and Multiselect functionality

How can we pass the selected row key using a bound parameter? I am trying to capture the selected row to a BR for further processing. I also have a supplied parameter to collect the bound parameter but it does not seem to work as a delimited list. Th...

IBK by New Contributor II
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