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Resolved! FX Rates

Is there an audit on FX rates, to see who updated the FX rates?

Dashboard Security for Multiple Security Groups

Is it possible to assign more than one security group to a Dashboard without having to create a new security group? We have a Dashboard that our SuperUsers currently have access to, and they want the Supervisors to be able to see that Dashboard as we...

Reduce the size of empty row

Hi all, This is a follow up on this original post (Reduce the size of empty row - OneStream Community ( Does anyone know how to reduce the row size? For columns we have the ColumnWidth option in the formatting tab but there's ...

Quarter to Date display in cube view

I am trying to build a cube view where the columns represent the 4 quarters in the year and then a YTD column. So if the POV is 2023M8 then I would like to see Q1 2023, Q22023, Q3 (should be M7+M8) and Q4 should be zero. I have tried this but it is s...

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