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Display setting

Dear community, We encountered an issue with clients' display screens in OneStream. In the cube view formatting, we use the font family Geomanist Regular, and we have defined the text for certain rows as bold or italic. When we run the cube views, th...

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LisaC by New Contributor II
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Cube View Export - File & Sheet Names

When viewing the results of a cube view and using the Export to Excel button, the filename generated replaces spaces with "+" and adds "_Export" and the sheet/tab name of the file appears to be the cube view name. Is there a way to define these while...

sdayringer by New Contributor III
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Workday HR Integration using data adapter

We are trying to pull WD HR data into OneStream. At this point, we are just trying to prove we can do it. I'm trying to setup a data adapter to pull the data using an SIC Direct Connection, but I don't know how to start with the data connector. What ...

Brooks by New Contributor
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Resolved! Formatting for different member expansions

I have a report that has a specific formatting request. The report uses two Member Expansions in the columns. The client requests that the 1st member expansion have no formatting, but the 2nd member expansion be in bold. Is it possible to apply diffe...

DDrider by New Contributor II
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Date in Cubeview Title needing to match prior year date

I set the cubeview date to the prior year from the current month input. I can't get the report title date to show the prior year date, it actually shows the user cubeview date June 2021. My user input date is 2023M1, and report date is 2022M1 based o...

johnal67 by New Contributor III
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