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Quick View - Reference cell for parameter

Is there a way to have the time POV reference a cell (A1) in a spreadsheet? User wants to have multiple Quick Views and change time once in cell A1 and it update all Quick Views in the workbook.

CWin by New Contributor II
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Row Range parameter or XFBR

I have a number of column definitions that will use the same Row Range in the Row Overrides. I would like to use a parameter or XFBR for this, but neither seem to work for this specific field in the Row Overrides. i.e. I can only specify row names. B...


Resolved! Nested Parameter with Different Dimensions

Is there a way to have a nested parameter with different dimensions? Example: If I select Year = 2020, the next prompt will ask me to select a Scenario The example I saw in the Design & Reference Guide used the same dimension, so I'm not sure if this...

bjornliow by New Contributor II
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How do I make 2 combo-boxes dependant on one another?

We have summary dashboards with a lot of information. I'm trying to find a way for users to filter down on that information and have created 2 combo-boxes. However, none of the data pulls through. How do I make those combo- boxes (parameter values) d...

Ashlee by New Contributor III
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