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How does Quickview decide on page breaks?

I just had a call from an Excel user who uses the OneStream addin. He has a number of reports that he's been using, but they're working differently today, and we don't know why. Instead of retrieving all of the records and exporting them to a single ...

chuckbo by New Contributor III
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Extract Metadata to Excel

HI All Does anyone know a way to extract a given Hierarchy to Excel broken out by columns for each layer ie a parent in one and children in the other. Using HFM in the past, I recall being able to extract the different hierarchies to Excel but thus f...

Tahir2061 by New Contributor III
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Embed a dashboard from another maintenance unit

Dear Community,I was wondering if there's a way to have a component "embedded dashboard" that would target a Dashboard from another Maintenance Unit ?The idea is to open a dashboard ( Predictive Analytics 123 dashboard) as an embedded dashboard in my...

Sergey by Contributor III
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