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Resolved! Hide source rows in Cube View math

For columns there is formatting for CVMathOnly, but there is not for rows. What methods are used to be able to use the row as a source value, but not display? Place at bottom and format? Using a live app where the hierarchies are set.

PKiernan by New Contributor III
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Resolved! How to pass standard formatting conditionals to an XFBR rule?

Hello: Looking for guidance on how to implement an enhanced conditional formatting check. It's quite simple, apply some formatting based on the account type. Consider the example of a single row CubeView with one account as the member filter: A#A8799...

db_pdx by Contributor III
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Hide repeated text in CV excel

Source: OneStream Champions Hi, is there a way to hide/format these repeated text in CV excel settings? I would like for e.g. “ProSolutions” to show once for every stats section. image.png444×661 8.47 KB Thank you!

Mustafa_A by Contributor II
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How to run multiple parameters per Loop in a Report Book?

Hi all: Looking for advice on how to implement multiple parameters in a report book. The standard loop functionality does not meet current needs. Our reporting requires a user to specify 3 UD's to report out their area of responsibility. Each user wi...

db_pdx by Contributor III
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Optimize CubeView performance in Excel

I have Cubeview which takes ~50 secs to refresh in OS. When I insert same Cubeview in excel and refresh in excel (OS Excel-Addin); it takes over 2 mins. It is simple insert and refresh i.e. I do not have anything additional like VBA code etc in Excel...

aneupane by New Contributor III
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