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Resolved! Add a non CV Excel workbook to a book.

Hi all. So I have a book set up that creates an excel workbook based on a loop of entities. It works absolutely fine, however, the book is 300 worksheets or so. Therefore its pretty handy to have an Index page. Is there anyway to splice a worksheet n...

Cube view

I have 2 rows named row1 and row2.1. Row1 has two members namely A and B.2. Row2 has three members namely C,D and E.Now, I want to add row1 and row2 so that it sum all A,B,C,D and E.Will this work or will it just take first 2 members(i.e A and C) of ...

OS_Pizza by Contributor III
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Default Value of a Delimited List Parameter Not Working

Hello Everyone,I am using a Delimited List Parameter which results a list of comma separated values from SQL through XFBR.When i use this parameter in Dashboard, it always shows as blank when it starts up, even though i have set the default value pro...

VENKAB05 by New Contributor II
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