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Extensible Document - number formatting

I created a parameter to specify the dimensions that I want to pull into a Word document. I want to format the data cells to show a "-" and not a zero but I cannot get that to work. I tried : NumberFormat =[#,##0;(#,##0);-] NumberFormat =[#,##0;(#,##...

EPM_22 by New Contributor II
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Resolved! Identify unused Cube views

HI All, Is there a way we can identify which cube views have not been used/opened for say last 6 months to a year?

msruthys by New Contributor II
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Enhance your OneStream experience with Emojis!

Integrating emojis into OneStream workflows, like for forms and for forecasts, enhances clarity and user engagement. Simple to set up, just copy and paste your chosen emoji into workflow titles for an instant visual upgrade. Interested in setting thi...