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Text Comparison on UD8 not working properly.

Hello, I have a dimension (UD5), the base embers of which I tag with a certain text "TEST1". I am trying to create a dynamic hierarchy in UD8 by reading those texts as Text1. I would like to use this dynamic hierarchy as a report filter. For some rea...

IBK by New Contributor III
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Resolved! Reading an XFGetCell

Hi,I have a large Excel report built on XFGetCells. I am trying to understand the dimensions that each XFGetCell is grabbing, but it takes a long time to parse through an XFGetCell manually and make notes of each relevant dimension. Is there a method...

DDrider by New Contributor II
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Advanced Chart Secondary Y Axis

We are trying to create an advanced chart using a secondary y axis and are running into issues. We referenced

Clinkscake_0-1706819858104.png Clinkscake_1-1706819922294.png Clinkscake_2-1706819938043.png Clinkscake_3-1706819967732.png
Clinkscake by New Contributor III
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Resolved! Workflow Status

Hey guys! I am working on an Dashboard to present workflow status.... i got this: The query is: {Total GolfStream}{|GlobalScenario|}{|GlobalTime|}{}{}{RowType <> 'A'} How can i remove the ones that have Central in the name? Thanks!

julieta by New Contributor III
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