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Changing the Cube Root Workflow Profile via button

Hi all,I am designing a dashboard home page whereby users can navigate directly to the different Workflows for Statutory reporting and Management Reporting, via a button.I am utilising the Change Workflow action in the button settings to set the scen...

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ajackett by New Contributor III
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Book if statement

Hi,My company has entities 2,5,8,N,U,O,X,Z.When I prepare the loop and if statement in the books;not sure why I could only use the if statement for N/U/O/X/Z but not 2/5/8.I have tried different settings but still not working.Can you share with me ho...


Excell Add in Login Issue

Wondering if anyone can help with this one. This happens like 1 out of every 3 times logging into OS where when I click external service provider it just pulls this blank screen and won’t let me log in upon repeated attempts unless I fully shut down ...

CPM_ONE by New Contributor
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Resolved! XFBR not working when passing Custom Name Function

Hi community,I am trying to pass a custom name function in the manner below:XFBR(XFBR_CubeViews, CustomTimeExpansion, timeExp=T#2020.Base, desc = :Name(|MFTimeShortDesc|))Somehow the XFBR is not able to append custom name function to the periods that...

osdevadmin by New Contributor II
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