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Questions about Cube Views and Reports

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Resolved! Cube View Visibility

Hello,Backstory: We have some forecast cube views we embed in our Forecast workflows. These cube views also display under the cube view folder. The cube views are set to the workflow POV and I realized this means users can open the cube view in the c...

Combine two cubes within one cube view

Hello,The customer reporting format includes data from both cubes that are currently set up in the application. How can I create a cube view that results from a combination of the two cubes?Thanks!

Ioana by New Contributor
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Resolved! FDX methods (like FdxExecuteCubeView) ... Why are they faster?

Recently I heard in these forums that FDX methods (like FdxExecuteCubeView) should be used from a BR whenever the performance of the data is critical.Can someone help me understand why they are faster?We've already built quite a lot of client-integra...

dbeavon by New Contributor III
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