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Entity Related Reporting

Why doesn’t the report list the by month activity for entities 44, 87, & 55 from Feb to Sep? It does so for #77. YTD ties because Sept is the catchup month.Parent Entity 56 (Children Entities: 44, 55, 77, & 87) Child Entity #77 Only Child Entity #44

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DCarrillo by New Contributor II
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Resolved! Is there any easy way to delete multiple cube views ?

Hi All, We have 100's of Cube Views that have been created, and we're looking for a way to efficiently delete many of them. Is there a method to delete multiple cube views simultaneously through BR or any other simple approach? Thank you and apprecia...

Sridhar_M by New Contributor III
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BI Viewer - linking with Cube Views

Hi all, I am building a dashboard that will be used by the Statutory Reporting team with 4 high level Group Balance Sheet checks (including BS = $0.00, IC = $0.00 etc etc). The users want to see a snapshot of the checks on the main dashboard . I have...

ajackett by New Contributor III
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Resolved! Cubeview Error

I've created a cubeview that is no longer working. My co-worker is able to run the cubeview without and error. I get the below error when I run the cubeview. How to I fix this. Thanks Candice