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Best Approach to Exporting Dashboards Outside of OneStream?

We have built a set of dashboards for our client within OneStream and the requirement is to be able to export and distribute these dashboards outside of OneStream. We have previously gone the route of exporting to PowerPoint, however, we are struggli...

Andy1 by New Contributor II
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Custom Format in cube view

Hi All, I have a requirement to create a cube view with 3 columns of orders and to make them like a single column. Can anyone please suggest. Please find the below snap for your reference. Orders of 3 columns, should make as one column. Column1 - PW ...

STDN by New Contributor III
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Pass sql editor values in dashboard to Business rules

Dear Community, I have a SQL Table Editor on a Dashboard and a button. When user select (click on a row/record) on the SQL Table Editor and then click the button, I need to pass the data in the selected row to a business rule. Is it possible? Thank y...

ResmiKR by New Contributor II
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Security on Annotations/Audit Comments/Variance Explanations

Hi, we would like to build a report with two columns with comments Annotations/AuditComments/VarianceExplanations). Each column needs to be filled in by a different team. The two teams need to be able to read each other comments. I am using UD3 to di...

Philip by New Contributor
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Copy->Paste 'as value/Special' a formula from Excel

For our Planning/Budgeting application we have a dashboard that is an excel spreadsheet with a CV embedded in it. Goal: is to allow folks to copy paste from excel where they have additional data summarized (ie paste formula as a value) Issue: Copy (C...