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Questions about Cube Views and Reports

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View in Data Management

Is it possible to use MTD & YTD in View filter for a Data Management job.It does not work if I use - V#MTD, Y#YTD, but this format seems to work for other filters like for time if I sue T#2021,T#2022 there are no issues. But only for View filter usin...

kumar by New Contributor
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BI Viewer - Cards

BI Designer shows description labels correctly for each one of the 3 cards, Total Actual, Total Budget and Actual vs Budget, this is the view Actual dashboard omits the Label of the cards, All 3 cards have no description, they show blank, I do not kn...

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Extracting Dimension hierarchies

Hi, There seems to be an issue when pulling members through GridView from the dimension library. As shown in the screen shot below, when filtering on a specific roll up within the dimension using the parent child relationship reference the report inc...

tkrekeler by New Contributor II
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Resolved! Bi Viewer - cubeview numbers different

Hey guys! I have been testing the BI and got to a point where I need your help. I made a cubeview: Added it to the data adapter Made my grid and card, but it is showing different numbers. I mean the SUM works but those are not my numbers. I did tried...

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julieta by New Contributor III
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