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Getting Column Names

Dear Community, Is there any possibility to get column names using Cube View Extender rule or XFBR? Thanks in advance.

ResmiKR by New Contributor II
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Resolved! SQL Table Editor Unable to Edit Any Values

I am trying to create a small POC for using a SQL Table Editor tool. However, I am unable to edit a table row on the SQL Table Editor even after it is in a Dashboard with all of the settings to do so. What is the typical reason for this? I have Defau...

DcDev by New Contributor
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Dashboard Report text box break on page break

I have a dashboard report with text boxes that grow with the text. Is there a way to prevent the box from breaking on a page break? I know how to do this in Word, but cannot find a setting for it here. See screenshot for example. Apologies, I had to ...

mnicholson by New Contributor II
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Nested parameters to return one value

I am building a report that uses a nested parameter. This report will run on a dashboard within Guided Reporting if it makes any difference. My parameters are Member List types. EntityParam1 uses a member filter of E#Corporate.ChildrenInclusive. This...

DDrider by New Contributor III
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