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Resolved! Pull Linked Dashboard based on Scenario

Is it possible to use the linked navigation to pull a dashboard based on a scenario? I have 2 separate dashboards that are pulling 2 separate BI Viewers for 2 separate Data adapters. One pulls data from a relational table based on actual data and the...

mvalerio24 by New Contributor III
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Common Column Header for multiple columns

Dear Community,Can we have common column header for multiple columns. For example, we have same entity name for different columns, and we want to merge and center those column headers for multiple columns. Below is the attached cube view and desired ...

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Ranvir06 by New Contributor II
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Resolved! Cube View - Excel Column Headings

Is there a way to have nested column headings centered and merged when exporting a cube view to excel? I have nested columns and want the top column header to be centered and merged over the bottom columns. It does this automatically for a pdf export...

LisaS_0-1689081403305.png LisaS_1-1689081453915.png
LisaS by New Contributor III
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Forecasts Scenario Parameter

I'm looking for a solution to create a parameter that would allow users to select from a drop-down list current and next period's scenario. I'm trying to avoid having users select the incorrect scenario for data submission via the excel add in.

Francisco by New Contributor II
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