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Questions about Cube Views and Reports

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How to add two dimension hierarchy in same row/column

Hi All, I have a dimension hierarchy like Account1(parent) and Account2(parent) hierarchy members in Account Dimension and i need those base members in the same row/column. I tried adding those members and got below error, can anyone suggest how to r...

STDN by New Contributor III
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Resolved! Cash Flow Opening balance for MTD and YTD columns

Hi All,I want to get Last month ending balance in my MTD column of cash flow and last year ending balance in my YTD column of cash flow as you can see in above picture.Can anybody share with me the business rule? I have tried following business rule ...

ZubairCSC by New Contributor II
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Resolved! Conditional Formatting on BWPercent column

I have the following column member filter. S#Actual, S#Budget3, S#Actual:T#YearPrior1(|!Param_Time_Select!|)Period(|!Param_Time_Select!|), GetDataCell(BWDiff(S#Actual, S#Budget3)):Name(BW Diff), GetDataCell(BWPercent(S#Actual, S#Budget3)):Name(BW %),...

johnal67 by New Contributor III
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XFDoc - PPT dynamic calcs

Hello,Is it possible to add dynamic calcs (UD8 member) into an XF doc powerpoint? I am trying to create an XFCELL that uses a variance member in UD8. However, I keep getting 0 as the value.Also, is there a way for a user to see the settings/parameter...

psc by New Contributor II
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