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Questions about Cube Views and Reports

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BI Viewer Grid Header Format

Is it possible to format (ie bold/background color/text size/etc) the column headers of a BI Viewer Grid that uses a SQL data adapter? I know how to conditionally format the values, but haven't found a way to format the actual header line....

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Resolved! Power Formulas in Cube Views / Dimension Formulas / Business Rules?

We'd like to calculate CAGR in cube views, is there a formula to use in the cube views? If there are formulas that only work for dimension members and business rules I'm also happy to hear, then link to the cube views.I already tried "POWER(x,y)" and...

Leasa by New Contributor
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Resolved! Reporting - Books - File (xfDoc)

Hello, I would like to create a report book that includes several cube views and an xfdoc (ppt cover page).I added the xfdoc as an application database file and pointed it to the working URL. However, when I run the report book I get a blank page. I ...

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Audit Reports in OS

Hi All,I hope you are all well! Just a quick intro - I'm new to OS and have just completed my first training course.I work for a large global company who use OS to consolidate and report.We have an instance where we reported or Jan22 figures, but now...

matt23 by New Contributor
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