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Resolved! Workflow Status Types | Images/Icons

Hello,I made a Grid View containing all WF Profile statuses for the current period & cube: I am struggling to do one little trick, changing the column 'Status' icon accordingly ... In the Grid View, I am under the impression that it only recognises '...

WFStats.png WfStats2.png

Resolved! Old Parameter appearing in cubeview

I am altering a cubeview that is pretty basic, one column and a handful of rows. This CV had a parameter to dictate the scenario. However, I have deleted the parameter from the cubeview rows and set the POV to my desired scenario. When I go to run th...

JacobH by New Contributor II
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Adding a sparkline to a Cubeview

Hi there - I'm looking to add a sparkline image at the end of my cube view / page. The cube view trends 13 months of actuals. How can I add this?

bisenhart by New Contributor II
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