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Threshold setup for

We have developed cube view for BS level commentary to avoid the business excel and email conversation on close process.But we need suggestion on threshold setup to commentary column to allow users to input. Ex: If Var% > 10% only users allow to ente...

Publishing file output from OneStream to Microsoft SharePoint

Has anyone pushed files from OneStream FileShare to a company SharePoint site? Is the best approach using Microsoft's SharePoint client object model (CSOM) to upload to subfolder in SharePoint (I assume that OneStream support would have to load the M...

KurtMayer by New Contributor III
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Filter accounts by Plug Account

Hi, How can I filter accounts by the plug account property just like I can filter by other account properties such as text? I am creating a CubeView and I need to show a series of accounts that have in common "x" plug account, but I am not able to fi...

daniel by New Contributor
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