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Member Filter in Cube View

Hi all, I have created cube view wherein I have used E#Test.Base in Member Filter 1 (Test have 2 children A and B). I need A and B in Member Filter 2 to act as param value in the Dashboard XFBR String. How can I achieve this ? Thanks

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100Rub by New Contributor III
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Input data in forms at parent Entity

Is there any way we can input the data at the Parent Entity: One Possible way is Set O#AdjInput and Set Account Property > Allow Adjustments to Data Entry to which I want to input data data.But I am sceptical as it will not allow me to allow Posting ...

Nikpowar97 by New Contributor III
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Resolved! Origin Import and XFSetCell

Hi Team, I wanted to double check if origin Import can be used within XFSetCell. It gives me error and my assumption is we can only use origin Forms. It's strange that this field is not predefined and we can type there "import": Many thanks!

Kamila by New Contributor III
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