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Resolved! Generate Level 1 and Level 2 Members on Fly in Cubeview

Hi Team,We have a requirement to generate Level 1 member list (Department Member List) based on POV (Entity Dimension) selected so we have developed XFBR script to generate the Level 1 Member List. Now we have to generate Level 2 Member List (Product...

Sudhakar by New Contributor
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How to create a dashboard - Newbie

Hi, I am new to Onestream, and have finally gotten used to the cube views. My question is if there is somewhere that I can be pointed to for any sample dashboards or tutorial on how to create dashboards. I have used the guided reporting, which is goo...

bkobus by New Contributor
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Excel Column Freeze (Export/Book)

Hello,Is there a way to determine where the freeze panes will be placed in a cubeview upon the export to excel? It looks to default wherever the headers end, but I have a view where I'm calling a naming convention using UD8 (data grid). Also, I notic...

Resolved! Using XFBR in CubeView for Cell Format

Hi all, I'm looking for a possibility to dynamically create a Cell Format via an XFBR Rule. Unfortunately it doesn't seem to work, but also does not give an error message. Could someone please let me know, whether and how it is possible?The script is...

MarkusWipp by New Contributor II
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