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Cube View Report Formatting

Hi,The request is that when showing base level members, every other row should have a dashed underline. However, there are two issues why we can't achieve this via the formatting editor:1. The bottom line won't render when it has the condition (is ro...


Cube selection in Quick View

Is there any way to stipulate the Cube whilst building a Quick View without selecting that Cube on the user's default POV? I've tried typing Cb#CubeName in the cell in Excel but when I create the Quick View it ignores this and uses the default POV Cu...

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BIViewer Pivot - Grand Total filtering

Hey,We have a Pivot in the BI viewer with 3 rows say Row 1,Row 2,Row 3 and we want the sum of Row 1 and Row 2 as Grand total. Today when we try to do this, we get the sum off all 3 Rows.Is it possible to archive this in BI Viewer?


Text color in advanced chart dashboard component

Hi everyone,I have created a waterfall as below using the advanced chart component. Is there a way to change the font size/color for the data labels within the waterfall bars? I cannot seem to find this option. The request is to make the text more re...