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Drilldown to Reporting Currency

Hi all, Using the CV Drilldown function, is there a way to show the Reporting Currency for a group of entities rather than just the Local currency? I've had a few of our users ask for this, but I don't believe it's possible out-of-the-box but interes...

ajackett by New Contributor III
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Showing a pop-up message from Business Rule?

Hello community,When creating a dashboard that requires user interaction, usually it is necessary to receive confirmation from the user to proceed or we just want to inform the user that something has happened in the background.In order to do so, one...

ogonzalez by New Contributor
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Resolved! Report displaying 0s for Blank Row and Blank Column

Dear Community Users, We have Blank rows and Blank Columns for the space convention. I'm getting 0s for both blank rows and columns while generating the report. I used below condition: and even tried hard coding 'ReportNoDataNumberFormat = #' in all ...

Resolved! Button selection color

Currently, there is an option to change the "hover color" on button components. Is there an option to change the color once the button is selected? In my current dashboard, we have multiple buttons and it would be nice if the button a user selects wo...

Clinkscake by New Contributor II
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