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Automate consolidation of constant rate scenarios

New Contributor

We would like the ability to auto consolidate 2 other constant ex rate scenarios once we have consolidated the main Actual scenario.  We want to retain the ability to consolidate the main Actual scenario in isolation also i.e. we don't want to consol all 3 scenarios every time. What would be the best way to do this?


Contributor II


You could set up a data management job to consolidate whatever intersections you want then attach that to a task scheduler job set to run whenever you specify. 

Here's a screenshot sample of the data management step: 


Which would then be added to a data management sequence which is what's pulled by the task scheduler. Hopefully that makes sense. 


Thank you Nicole, very helpful.

Is there a way to initiate this DM seq from the main Actual WF using Calc Definitions? i.e. to run the consol on the constant fx scenarios from the Actual scenario WFP?


Off of the top of my head, you could probably change the WF channel to include a dashboard step where you could add a customized button to trigger the DM step (which could have substitution variables referencing the WF settings). Someone else might be able to come up with something more elegant. 

Thanks Nicole! I'll look into that solution.

New Contributor II

What we do often, is use the nocalculate option. If you then in the data quality event handler put in a rule for


you can define what to do in this case. So for example, you could choose to execute a DM sequence with 

BRApi.Utilities.ExecuteDataMgmtSequence(si, calcInfo.FilterValue, dmParams)