Confirmation rules for other entities ?

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Dear community,

I'm using some confirmation rules but the output is not what I'm expecting.

I'm using a very simple check to see if assets and liabilities are balanced, however it's not running on the expected entities.

I have set the Calculation definition for 3 entities which are the parents of the entities managed in the workflow profile. These parents are actually linked to a "parent input" profile type, but all of their children are related to this workflow profile.


I have then a confirmation rule that is looking for the assets & liabilities :

args.ConfirmationRuleArgs.DisplayValue = api.Data.GetDataCell( _
      "A#00068:C#Local:F#F0999:I#Top:C#EUR:V#YTD:O#BeforeAdj - A#00084:C#Local:F#F0999:I#Top:C#EUR:V#YTD:O#BeforeAdj" _

If System.Math.Abs(args.ConfirmationRuleArgs.DisplayValue) = 0 Then 
   Return True 
   Return False 
End If 


 However when I run these confirmations as a user, I invariably get the output related to the POV entity, but not the entity listed in the calculation definitions.


Output (same for the 3 entities) :


==> Is it supposed to work this way ? Why wouldn't it run against the entities set in the calculation definition ??


Many thanks for your feedbacks,



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Hi Sergey, the "Confirmed" switch associated with the Calculation Definitions is typically what determines which Entities are defined by a Calculation Definition and subject to the Confirmation Workflow Step. 

You could try setting the Entity to (Assigned Entities) which would run the rule for Entities assigned to the specific Workflow Profile and keep your parent since you mentioned the children are a part of that profile. You would need to make sure your entities are under the "Assigned Entities" of the Workflow.



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I get your point, however it's not possible : parent entities are assigned to a "parent input" profile, as I have some cube view where the parent will need to input data. So I can't use the "Assigned Entities" because, well, these parents are not assigned to this profile 😞


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You can put a parent in the first column of the calc definition of the WF Profile and it will run the confirmations on that member when the Confirmed box is checked.


FYI - You've got C# listed twice in your formula (C#Local & C#EUR)