Consolidation View is Periodic and no data is loaded to the IC accounts

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I have run into an issue with intercompany eliminations not performing as expected in a Periodic type scenario and believe I need to create a custom elimination rule to resolve, as suggested in the Design and Reference Guide. In the actual scenario (YTD), a balance sheet account is eliminating to the income statement without issue. In the planning scenario (Periodic), the balance sheet elimination amount appears in periods where the balance sheet account has no data. Below I've identified an excerpt from the design and reference guide referencing this type of issue. Can you assist with a sample code snippet for a custom elimination for this type of scenario?

"If a Consolidation View is Periodic and no data is loaded to the IC accounts for a specific month, custom elimination rules are required in the FinanceFunctionType.ConsolidateElimination section of a business rule attached to the cube to calculate expected elimination results. This requires storaging the C#Share member, which impacts overall consolidation performance."


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Unfortunately I cannot find anything like that in published documentation at the moment, my only suggestion is to look at the CPM Blueprint application (available in OpenPlace) and check if it's addressed there.

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This is related to zero no data and consolidation view settings for the scenario and OneStream's zero suppression behaviors when evaluating the elimination data buffer. I've had this same experience and have written a custom business rule to accommodate for this. The calculated Elim entries were resolved although performance was in fact impacted.

Let me know if you'd like to discuss further.

Regards, Steve