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Hi Community...! Here I'm getting Zero but instead of this I want to get  accounts data for that...Can you please share me some insights or some reference for this...?
I'm using FDXExecuteDataunit method for this




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You haven't given us much information but I will give it a go. It is retrieving 107K rows - are they all zero or is that just the first page? You could try suppressing zeroes in the FDXExecuteDataUnit call. Have a look at this page 

Nope...What I meant is, I can able to get raw data by using FDXExecuteDataunit, and then I want to manipulate rows and columns according to my requirements...
My requirement is like, I want to display Jobname, Accounting method, Revenue, GP, Etc .. I can get Jobname and Accounting method from UD4 and UD5 but i just want to know, how to get remaining Account data.. In this below picture you can see how I want




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FdxExecuteDataUnit only retrieves stored records. Looks to me like you want a bunch of data from DynamicCalc accounts. For that, you'll have to set a Cube View and then use FdxExecuteCubeView instead.