Not enough quota is available to process this command.

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I am Running a Dashboard Data set rule.

The process is a bit longer.

For Each EntMem As MemberInfo In BRApi.Finance.Members.GetMembersUsingFilter(si, Brapi.Finance.Dim.GetDimPk(si, "DimName"), "E#Top.Base", True)
	For Each Parent As Member In BRApi.Finance.Members.GetParents(si, Brapi.Finance.Dim.GetDimPk(si, "DimName"), EntMem.Member.MemberId, True)
		If EntParentCheck.Contains(Parent.Name) Then
			Dim customSubstVars As New Dictionary(Of String, String)
			customSubstVars.Add("dmTime", Time)
			customSubstVars.Add("dmScenario", Scenario)
			customSubstVars.Add("dmEntity", Entmem.Member.Name)
			customSubstVars.Add("dmParent", Parent.Name)
			customSubstVars.Add("FileName", FileName)
			BRApi.Utilities.StartDataMgmtSequence(si, "Export Cube Data", customSubstVars)
		End If

ERROR: Not enough quota is available to process this command.

I think it is generally with long running jobs on OS Dashboards?





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You're looping through every entity/parent combination, and starting a DM job for many of them. This could be spawning hundreds or thousands of threads, each one generating a file, so you're hitting Windows limits somewhere. If your environment is on-premises, you can try tweaking Windows settings, but to be honest this just seems like a flawed approach. Depending on why exactly you're trying to get data out of OneStream, there are better approaches than this bruteforcing.

I agree I was just doing a performance testing on the OS cloud app. Just wanted to check of there is an alternate way/ a setting(scaling) to avoid such long Operation failures on the Database.