Seeding Dashboard

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Hello OneStream Experts,

Our consultant team has build custom Seeding dashboard for us to seed data but I would like to add confirmation before my admins click on seeding button to make sure they got source and target right.


Do we have anything in OneStream where I can have msgbox or some kind of message to double check source and target section?




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Hi SaurinPatel: yup, two options off the top of my head (and there are probably more ways to do this):

  • Have your button open a Dialog dashboard.  Put a button within this new dashboard that performs the actual execution.  Display the source target parameters on the page
    • Button > Action > User Interface Action > Selection Changed User Interface Action > Open Dialog...
  • Similar to the above: have your button show/hide a dashboard.  The revealed component contains the button that will perform the actual execution

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Thank you I will give it a try.