Sibling Repeat Calculation Pass

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Hi All,

I am trying to solve for a circular calculation pass with allocations.  I am using the equity pick up functionality on the entity properties.  It wasn't behaving for me.  In reading the Design and Reference Guide I see is says " When writing formulas, use api.Args.CalculateArgs.HasRepeatCalc and api.Args.CalculateArgs.IsRepeatCalc to determine if the engine is currently running the repeat calculation".


When I look at the sample code for HasRepeatCalc, it just has Dim bValue as Boolean = args.CalculateArgs.HasRepeatCalc.


I am looking for a practical example of how to use this calculation.  Other than that little piece in admin guide, I can't find any other information on it.  Not used in the GolfStream app either.


Any ideas would be welcomed.




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The Sample tab in any property or function definition is always an autogenerated line showing the most basic use. In this case it just shows that the property will be a boolean (i.e. True or False), so you can store it in a boolean variable. I guess the idea is that you can perform a check (if args.CalculateArgs.IsRepeatCalc then... ) and react accordingly. There are a few other boolean properties in that CalculateArgs that may or may not be helpful to you:


For actual examples of complex code with some meaningful explanation, you have to look in the Snippets part of the helper tree. Unfortunately, I don't see anything there related to this specific topic, at least in my version. There are examples of complex allocations in the Finance Rules Handbook, but they focus on not repeating.

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