Subsidiary Consolidation

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Hi Experts,

I have subsidiary entity where it needs to be consolidated 100% but with other line of adjustments as below

NCI calculation on equity portion/Share capital elimination.

in HFM, We used to write on default consolidation rule first and then method specific rule on top of this

if same thing is to be applied in Onestream, can i follow as below ?

If entity method is subs then

Step1 api.ExecuteDefaultShare() to consolidate every account 100% firstly

User defined tagging=> Text tagging to Equity related accounts to pull accounts for NCI portion calculation.

Step2 Text specific Source accounts are reversed with Minority portion(%) into Elimination member and same writing to offset NCI account into the Elimination member like HFM ??




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Yes, in principle it works the same way as in HFM. You calculate the share/proportion in the share section, if you don't need special treatment like a change in scope of consolidation flow, you can use api.ExecuteDefaultShare() to populate share. And then you can write a custom rule for equity accounts.

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Thank you so much for the explanation ChristianW

Kindly also help understand which combinations I need to take to store the elimination values for Origin & Consolidation dimensions especially with these node level calculation. for instance we pass the values in HFM parent total into elimination with reversal of proportion for equity accounts and offset them into NCI accounts to show them separately into Equity section of BS

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The consolidation dimension is set by the dataunit.

Origin member Elimination can only be used, if the business rule runs in the c#elimination dataunit.

Typically you run it in the

Case Is = FinanceFunctionType.ConsolidateElimination

section of the Finance Business rule (or better in a sub-procedure).

So you only need to set the origin dimension:



TargetCell.DataBufferCellPk.OriginId = dimconstants.Elimination

By the way, there is also an "api.ExecuteDefaultElimination" command, that runs the intercompany elimination for you.

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Hi ChristianW,

After you said, i have drafted the rule. I am not able to see the databuffer log for the source filter and also kindly confirm if below rule draft lines are sensible to work with NCI eliminations


Once results are populated in log buffer so that i am confident that there are records coming into buffer and i can go a head with next lines of code to make NCI calculation to get completed

Also kindly confirm if any options to be enabled or to be enabled into consolidaiton alogirthm and its respective options, when we write this NCI/Subsidiary consolidation rules