Update Dimensions using a rule


Hi all

We have a process where we update dimensions and their children on a regular basis. This means we need to delete the relationships between parents and children and then reload the new updated dimensions...etc. 

This takes a very long time, because we have a lot of dimensions. 

Has anyone out here used a script to make this process faster, we we to not have to reload everthing, but only update the changes made to the different hierarchies?

Thank you for any suggestions



Community Manager
Community Manager

Lots of people manipulate their dimensions via rules at various points - typically in Workflow Event Handlers (e.g. adding new members if found in the file to import) but also through regular Extenders (which you can manually trigger from Data Management). If you search for "SaveRelationshipInfo" in these forums, you'll find a few examples, like this one: https://community.onestreamsoftware.com/t5/Rules/Adding-member-relationship-via-Extender-Rule/m-p/81...