WF POV within a member list



I'm trying to get the current pov - cube and entity - within a member list (i'm using for selection as drop-down).

Unfortunately the is in this case not returning the wf pov, but the cube pov.

The args.SubstVarSourceInfo.WFCubeRoot doesn't work as well.

Any ideas?

Thanks Jana



In the meantime, i have managed to give the wfcube as paramater, but not the entity (and this I need as well).

Hi Jana,

not sure where the WFEntity is that you are referring to. In the WF POV, the selection is WF Profile, Scenario and Time:


Do you have the entity name in the name of the workflow? Or do you mean the entities that are assigned to the workflow profile?

Assuming you have the entity name in the workflow profile name, you could e.g. use an XFBR like that:


'XFBR(ReportingHelper, ReturnEntityFromWFName, WFProfile = [|WFProfile|])

If args.FunctionName.XFEqualsIgnoreCase("ReturnEntityFromWFName") Then
Dim WFProfileName As String = args.NameValuePairs.XFGetValue("WFProfile")
Dim entityName As String = ...derive entity name from WFProfileName string...

Return entityName

End if


As for assigned entities, you can use a bound list parameter (as more than one entity may be assigned):


Select a profile with assigned entities and then run the parameter to see what it returns exactly:



Hi Henning

Thanks for your help!


I was trying earlier with the WFProfile name, but it was not working until putting it in square brackets. Now it works fine, many thanks.


Just strange, that this works:

I#Root.CustomMemberList(BRName=MemberLists, MemberListName=Entity_Recon, P1=|WFCube|)

but this not:

I#Root.CustomMemberList(BRName=MemberLists, MemberListName=Entity_Recon, P1=|WFProfile|)


it only works like this:

I#Root.CustomMemberList(BRName=MemberLists, MemberListName=Entity_Recon, P1=[|WFProfile|])

You are welcome, happy to see it was 'just' the square brackets. Always recommended to use those in order to sort out and unexpected spaces in the string.