Weekly scenario - Use scenario start/end period settings

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Hi community,


For one of our clients we are looking for the following.


- We create 52 weekly scenario with each their own start and end period setting in the workflow start time and workflow end time. For example we have the scenario CFF_2022W01 which has a workflow start time as 2022W1 and a workflow end time as 2022 W39. For example the scenario CFF_2022W02 which has a workflow start time as 2022W2 and a workflow end time as 2022 W39 etc. 


How can we get a list of members of the range within the start and end time in the scenario. So for example based on the CFF_2022W01 scenario it should return in the list 2022W1, 2022W2 up until 2022W39. 

For CFF_2022W02 it should return in a list 2022W2, 2022W3 up until 2022W39.

There is also the example when the periods run across years. So for example the scenario CFF_2022W27 has a workflow start time of 2022W27 and end time of 2023W13. The list should then return 2022W27, 2022W28 up until 2022W52 plus also 2023W1 up until 2023W13.


This is what I used so far but is not working correctly for weeks.



Dim instance As New BRApiFinanceScenario()
Dim ScenarioStartPeriod As Integer = instance.GetWorkflowStartTime(si, ScenarioId)
Dim ScenarioEndPeriod As Integer = instance.GetWorkflowEndTime(si, ScenarioId)
Dim noOfNoInput As Integer = instance.GetWorkflowNumNoInputTimePeriods(si, ScenarioId)

Dim ScenarioPeriods As List(Of Integer) = TimeDimHelper.GetIdsInRange(ScenarioStartPeriod, ScenarioEndPeriod)
'Removes all periods up until the input range
ScenarioPeriods.RemoveRange(0, noOfNoInput)




Has anyone come across using these settings and what syntax should be used.


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Try T#Root.WFTimePeriods.Base, if Time is your Columns, drop it there in the Member Filter builder.  It's not a well documented shortcut for Range based Scenarios.  


Hope this helps,

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Hi @raoulheinen , remove the .Base from my prior comment.  So it looks like this:


Then WFPOV is set to use the Range Scenario:



Your Form will pick up the Start and End Periods defined on the Scenario properties.

Hope this helps.