copy (calculate) post close Adjustment data across scenario writes to Local (instead of USD)

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I have a BR that copies Actuals scenario data to a planning scenario (Mgmt_Actual).  It copies Post close adjustments that only exist for USD->AdjInput in Actuals from/to the USD->AdjInput and like Actuals there is no local data in the Mgmt_actual scenario.  I then try to copy the same data from the Mgmt_Actual to a forecast scenario.  But the calculate data writes to the Local->AdjInput (consolidation/Origin) member, not USD.  And when I run a consolidation it calculates USD with the Origin member AdjConsolidated.  I'm using the exact same code to copy (calculate)  the two scenarios.  Any ideas why one calculates USD->AdjInput, yet the other lands at Local->AdjInput? 


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It's difficult to say without seeing the actual code, but there are a number of variables to consider.

First, consider that base data is stored at Local Currency for the Entity, and that LC is effectively just a pointer to the currency; so if the entity has LC set to USD, working in Local Currency or USD is effectively the same thing.

Second, are the two scenarios identical, in terms of properties? I.e. same input view for adjustments, same rates, same input frequency, etc.?

Third, are you sure your rule is the only thing influencing the output? I would run the With Logging options to track down what actually happens.