Automation of Workflow that is using Data Management Export Sequence

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We have a workflow that uses Data Management Export Sequence to load the data. Manually we are loading the data fine but I'm looking for any options to automate this process.

I have an example if the workflow uses a connector business rule but not sure on the Data Management Export Sequence. If anyone can help, it would be great...!!!


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Check out the Data Import Schedule Manager on OpenPlace:



Thank you for the response. Is there any example of business rule you can provide that we can use to automate this process. I saw couple of those when the data source is a connector but I don't know how to write a business rule that uses Data Management Export Sequence as a source to automate this process. Please help in this regard.

If you search for "Automate workflow," you should see many items with answers. Now Eric has added a new one to the list. Pick your choice.