Can I stop a Data Management if a Step Fails ??


Currently if a step fails the subsequent steps continue to execute


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Are you running your DM step through Task Scheduler? 

I would suggest running it through TS and within it there is an option to disable the task (DM) if its fails.



I need to check that step 1 completed successfully before step 2 executes.

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I'm really hoping that the dev team considers adding pass/fail checks to Data Management sequences in the future. I use an Extender rule to perform step processing and check the return status of executed steps. 

that's exactly what i am trying to do ... I looked in golf stream for an example but i was not able to find one. I am building an extender to basically perform the steps below (import, validate, load) but need to validate each step completed successfully before executing the next. i wonder if there is an audit table that can be referenced ???



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This would be a great enhancement Cosimo.  Let's get this on the Product radar.  Please submit a ticket to Support to get it to Triage and get it on the Product roadmap.  Thanks!