Certification Questions - Require something if answer changes from period to period

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We have 40 or so monthly Cert Questions over 50 Entities.  Currently we are running the report and then comparing answers to last months report to find any changes in answers.  Those changes require us to check on why.  From No to Yes or Yes to No, we have to check.  99% of the time it is a mistake in their answer.  Anybody ever thought of a way to notify the user before they complete the Cert of their WF.

Don't see a Workflow Name option that does Confirm after Certify so don't think I could build something in the Confirm step.  Maybe at a parent level have a Confirm step that looks at all the children and does a compare and lets that level person know.  Anyway, any ideas to keep my brain churning is great.



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Hi @Clarke_Hair ,

This sounds interesting.  There is not an independent 'Confirm' step, at the Review level there appears to be only a Process > Confirm > Certify.  You could do something like this:


Or you go with a single 'Workspace' and build a custom Dashboard that summarizes the Certification answers.


I would love to help you build something like this or help you brainstorm it further.  Sounds like a fun project.

Hope this helps.

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I will give this a go and see what we can workout.  Thanks for the suggestin.