Default load Method not sticking to replace - all time


Hi all

We have come across an issue where the default load Method for workflow does not change from "replace" to "replace  all time". 

Anyone has experienced the same issue?

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Hi Nouria,

I was going to post a similar request because the system seems to load always in replace even if we select "Append".

I believe there is an additional setting to drive the load method.

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Hello Nouria and Marcello,

Please check sourceID which plays an important role if you are loading data. If you are using same SourceID in consecutive loads, data will always get replaced. To avoid the same, always try to use a unique SourceID. 

Hi Pahul,

I tried to change the source ids but with no results.

1st load is statutory



2nd load id bybu and "Append" method


The result is that data is replaced.


Do you think this is a bug? I am working on 6.6.0.


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I don't think it's a bug. Can you check if you have the same data unit on which you are loading data? That can be another reason for data replacement. To mitigate this you need to create separate channels for each load. 

Hi Pahul

yes I think separate channels need to be configured. I read the documentation and where there is a specific example on how to handle multiple loads targetting the same UD.

I will try to configure the channels (even if it does not seem very easy) because I don't think that other solutions/workarounds are possible to make separate loads



Reference from Design and Reference Guide:


Workflow Channel User Defined Phasing
Using a combination of Workflow Channels and a specific User Defined Dimension enables independent Workflow
Control to be applied to groups of User Defined Members. Before Workflow Channels can be used in conjunction with a
User Defined Dimension, a single User Defined Dimension type
(UD1-UD8) must be selected as the designated User
Defined type to control Workflow Channel binding. This is done in
Application Tab|Application Properties|User Defined
Dimension Type for Workflow Channel.
This selection is made at the application level and will apply to all Scenario Types
and all Cubes within the application.


The diagram below details the steps to set up a metadata and Workflow structure that isolates process management for
groups of User Defined Members and binds specific Workflow Profiles to control the care and feeding of these groups
(data clearing, data loading, and data locking) 


Let me know if you have any specific questions while configuring. 


Hi all

I found out that this is logged as an ER and it is being addressed by OS. I am not sure when, but this is how it works for the time being. Changing The Default setting does not work under current versions.


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Anyone know when this will be fixed? Are we able to track the open item anywhere?

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