Display task activity status dialog when executing a Data Management Sequence from a business rule

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I am executing a data management sequence from a business rule and I would like to display the task progress dialog box. Is this possible?

e.g. When I click run from the Data Management tab I get the following:


I would like the user to see the same thing when I run the data management sequence from a business rule.





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Hi Mark,

As far as I'm aware, the only way to trigger the progress dialog box is if your button is triggering a sequence. However, you could update the content of that progress bar yourself as part of the rule by using the function: BRApi.TaskActivity.UpdateRunningTaskActivityAndCheckIfCanceled.

I'm not sure what the use case is but another option could be to launch the actual sequence and have if statements at the top of some of the steps (maybe based on globals) to validate if they should run or not.

Thanks Fred, but the data management sequence is getting executed automatically after a process step in the workflow so that won't work.

On a side note, I didn't realise that you can have if statements in a data management sequence. How do you do this?

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Hi Mark, the Process step shows a Task Progress bar and you can keep it up until the DM Sequence you are launching finishes but I don't think you can update the messages / completion %s unfortunately so it would just be stuck on x% and would go to 100% when the sequence finished executing.

Other workaround options you could consider would be:

A) to replace the Process step by a Dashboard button (that would execute a sequence that includes the logic currently defined on that process step) or

B) having a dashboard button triggering a sequence which could include the execution of the Process step (via a rule)

With regards to the side note, I was imagining a different use case and was suggesting that "optional" steps could have evaluate (with an if statement at the beginning) if their logic was supposed to be run or not). I didn't mean you could have if statements on the actual sequence.