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Prompting a user for a parameter selection through a DE123 Dashboard

New Contributor II

I have created a DM sequence that calls multiple steps.  One of the DM steps prompts the user to select a seed Scenario which I then pass to my Finance BR as a parameter value.  The scenario options are presented to the user as a Member Dialogue Parameter object.  This works perfectly when I run it directly through Data Management.

Next, I create a Dashboard for all of this using Data Entry 123 for display.  The user sees a button component that is configured as 'Execute Data Management Sequence' and I give it a Task Argument of {Phasing_BUD_Seq}{} which is my DM Seq.

When I test this from my Workflow (uses DE123), it does not prompt the user to enter the Source Scenario from my Parameter, it just fires the DM Sequence.  It seems like my member dialogue parameter is somehow being supressed or skipped.

Does anyone know what I am missing here? 



Contributor II

In addition to what you have done you also need to capture your user params within the dashboard I think..maybe you can't invoke the parameters in a DM sequence from a Dashboard