Reverting Overlapped Import Channels

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Hi All,

Setting up the context for the question:

I am trying to load the data via 3 different import channels (chan1, chan2, chan3) in a same WF.

2 of the import channels (chan2, chan3) are for the sales data load and 1 (chan1) is used to load the historical data for those entities in the similar data unit.  Basically, data from chan1 has data units that is shared between chan2 and chan3. 

I enabled the overlapped sibling settings to merge the data from (chan1 and chan2) and also for (chan1 and chan3). 


The issue I am facing is as soon I load chan1 after loading chan2 & 3, the import channel status for 2 and 3 goes to LOAD CUBE from PROCESS CUBE. If I reprocess the chan2, the status for both chan1 and chan3 gets changes to LOAD CUBE despite of the fact that chan2 and chan 3 have different data units (Both of these channels are hitting different sets of accounts)?

Has anyone faced this issue in the application? If yes, please guide me to freeze the status of rest of the channels.



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Hi @Bansal_P  do you have this property set on the Parent of your Base Input Profile?  And you need a Process event here.  Order of operations would be all Import tasks and loaded and confirmed (if applicable) and then you Process all Data Units at the Parent Base input profile.  Note the Load Overlapped Siblings setting is set to True on the Parent.  What you are describing will work, if each child Import task is hitting a distinct set of Accounts.


Hope this helps.

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Hey @MikeG , yes the overlapped sibling is on and I tried to process the parent WF profile but again, the status of the import channels shows as load cube but not process cube. Although, the data is present in the cube (the results expected from this exercise).

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