Running Dashboard using Data Management Job

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Would it be possible to run a Dashboard or Cube View using a Data Management job, and store the results as Excel and not as a PDF. 

Appreciate any suggestion in the right direction. 





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Community Manager

It wouldn't make sense to export an interactive Dashboard (with buttons, popups...) to an Excel file, PDF is a better visual approximation. But beyond that...

What you really want to do is actually exporting data to Excel in Data Management. You can achieve that with an Export Data step (which saves to csv, that Excel is happy to open); but if you really want to pull a Cube View, you can  write an Extensibility Business Rule that will call FdxExecuteCubeView or FdxExecuteCubeViewTimePivot to extract the relevant records.

Hello Jack, thanks for the response and for your time. The business rules would it be possible to provice a copy or is that something to be obtained from a consulting partner? 


thanks - Kumar