StageLoadToFinanceResult Table is Empty


Hi All,

Can someone explain to me how the StageLoadToFinanceResult table could be empty?  It's my understanding this table gets populated after each load and it's what OS uses to determine what to clear out prior to reloading data from the same workflow.  I am looking at an application with no data in this table which is baffling to me even after performing a load.  Can someone provide an obvious answer to this....perhaps I am not thinking of something obvious.



Community Manager
Community Manager

There is no such table, I guess you mean StageToFinanceLoadResult...

I don't have a precise answer yet, but I can tell you that having that table empty is normal - it's not an auditing table, and it's not actually used in the way you describe (you're probably thinking of StageToFinanceDataUnit). I have a feeling LoadResult only gets populated when there are loading errors or some complex derivative work, but don't quote me on that.

Hi Jack, yes sorry typo...I am talking about the StageToFinanceLoadResult table.  I have a note from OneStream that says 'When loading to cube, the audit of the load is stored in the StageToFinanceLoadResult table. At the next load, that table is analyzed to evaluate which data should be cleared.'.  Not sure now if that document is incorrect or if it has changed.  I will open a ticket if someone in the Community doesn't have an answer.  thanks.