Unlock WFs by scenario

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is there a way to grant access to unlock WFs by scenario. for e.g. we need the FPA team to be able to unlock budget WFs and the consolidation team to unlock actual scenarios. 

Currently, they both have access to unlock all WFs.

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@hadi_r  There are different ways from which you can achieve the requirement -

1) Did you look at the Workflow Security? You can assign security separately for Actual v/s Budget.



2. You can create a business rule (Check below) and assign it to a Datamanagement job or a dashboard and assign security accordingly for different scenarios.

'Sample to unlock a particular workflow by scenario and time.
Dim wfClusterPk As New WorkflowUnitClusterPk()
				Dim Sname As String = "Actual"
			        Dim Tname As String = "2023M3"
				Dim wfChannelId As Guid = guid.Empty
				Dim WFname0 As String = "Your workflow name"
				wfClusterPk = BRAPi.Workflow.General.GetWorkflowUnitClusterPk(si,WFname0,Sname,Tname)
				BRApi.Workflow.Locking.UnlockWorkflowUnitDescendants(si, wfClusterPk, WorkflowProfileTypes.AllProfiles, wfChannelId)


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