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Has anyone used GetDirectLoadIntersectionErrors()? I am making a huge assumption that the purpose of that function is to get the list of Intersection Validation Errors during a Direct Connect load? I have a solution from one of the other posts to que...

Extract data from BAPI_AP_ACC_OPENITEMS

Hello Everyone, Has anyone done an extract for BAPI "BAPI_AP_ACC_OPENITEMS" using RFC connection from SAP. I have below code, any suggestions here. What will be the Imports if we have to extract 7-10 columns in the extract ? Public Function Main(ByVa...

PrithviK by New Contributor III
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Resolved! Aggregate without consolidating

Hi all, how do you run an aggregation, i.e. calculate the "Aggregated" member of the consolidation dimension, without running a consolidation? In particular, would it be possible to setup the Process step of a workflow profile so that it runs an aggr...

AndreaF by Contributor III
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