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Reverting Overlapped Import Channels

Hi All,Setting up the context for the question:I am trying to load the data via 3 different import channels (chan1, chan2, chan3) in a same WF.2 of the import channels (chan2, chan3) are for the sales data load and 1 (chan1) is used to load the histo...

Bansal_P by New Contributor II
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Resolved! Calling DB Stored Procedures from OS

I want to execute a list of DB Stored procedures after executing a DM step in OS. Is it possible to call a DB Stored Procedure from OS?After the Stored Procedures are run, I want to execute a list of DM Jobs for data imports to cube.Appreciate any po...

vmanojrc30 by New Contributor III
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Drill Back - Web URL

Hi,I have a user requirement to drill back to NetSuite Web URL from OS Cubeviews.In the NetSuite Web Page there are selection drop downs to select the Account, Customs and Time Periods. Based on the selection, detailed data will be retrieved from Net...

vmanojrc30 by New Contributor III
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Derivative rules - Exclude base entity

Hi OS experts, I want to exclude a base entity - as it must not be affected by the derivative - from its parent for the purpose of this derivative. All entity under a specific parent (ie TDM) must be part of the derivative expression but excluding on...

Qiniso by New Contributor III
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