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Show Partner Status in a Dashboard

Hi - Is there a way to override security to show the IC Partners' Workflow Statuses in a Dashboard so each workflow can view altogether the status of all Partners? I created a data adapter using a WorkflowAndEntityStatus Method Query but they can onl...

SarahS by New Contributor II
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Bulk Certify workflow

Hi All, My team and I need to create a dashboard that will help the user in bulk certify workflow profiles. the whole interface is similar to Workflow Multi-Period Processing(screenshot) but with few changes, which will only focus on Certify the work...

Upkar by New Contributor II
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Locking Forms in WF ???

Quick Question I have a WF with a Form Profile and the form has Jan - Dec with an account. 1. I Created WF Profile and assigned it too the WF Profile form 2. Made the account as No Data Lock. 3. Input the data and saved and locked the WF Profile Form...

Kris by Contributor III
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Resolved! FX translation for Reporting Currency

Hi All, Need assistance in posting a journal to eliminate the difference. I tried posting a journal using reporting currency (ZAR) to eliminate the difference, but it's not going through. The translation should be periodic. Anyone have any idea what ...

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Qiniso by New Contributor III
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