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Resolved! Entity Security using extender rule

Hi - Has anyone created entity readdatagroup using the below function Dim objGroup As Group = Group.CreateEntityReadDataGroup() Any help would be appreciated

Kris by Contributor III
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Business Rule with Time Interval Control

Hi there,I'm seeking assistance with a specific requirement. I need a business rule to operate as follows: upon initial execution, it should function normally. However, if a user attempts to run it again, there should be a designated wait time before...

nealy by New Contributor
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Confirmation rules for other entities ?

Dear community, I'm using some confirmation rules but the output is not what I'm expecting. I'm using a very simple check to see if assets and liabilities are balanced, however it's not running on the expected entities. I have set the Calculation def...

Sergey_0-1695298149016.png Sergey_0-1695298528301.png
Sergey by Contributor II
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Manipulate or create workflow profile in BR

Hi,Is there any way to manipulate a workflow profile or create a new one using a business rule? If not, any way to extract / load xml in a BR? Can't find anything that would help me while browsing the api.

jesvam by New Contributor II
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Where Is Console.WriteLine Written To

I am debugging some business rules. I would like to add a Console.WriteLine, but I am not sure where that gets written to. I would like to avoid clogging up "Error Logs" and a simple MsgBox is not enough. Any suggestions on where to look? Thank you.

RayKelly by New Contributor
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