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Resolved! Entity Security using extender rule

Hi - Has anyone created entity readdatagroup using the below function Dim objGroup As Group = Group.CreateEntityReadDataGroup() Any help would be appreciated

Kris by Contributor III
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Business Rule with Time Interval Control

Hi there,I'm seeking assistance with a specific requirement. I need a business rule to operate as follows: upon initial execution, it should function normally. However, if a user attempts to run it again, there should be a designated wait time before...

nealy by New Contributor
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Clear unwanted Data in order to Delete a Member

Hoping someone in the community might have a solution for this and is willing to share a snippet of code that will enable us to properly 'clear' any data (including zero) from a specific intersection so that we can delete a metadata member.The DM ste...

kmd by Contributor
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Resolved! Audit Trail for Calculated amounts

I currently have a UD8 that pulls the current timestamp anytime a user updates an intersection and it works just fine. The issue I am having is that when I run a calculation to push an amount to an intersection, there is no audit trail for that. Is t...

mvalerio24 by New Contributor III
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Key Error on an account member formula

I'm trying to figure out where I can access the Key related to this error. I created a series of new accounts and member formulas by extracting an existing set of accounts from our application.I opened the extracted file in Notepad and performed a fi...