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Is there any way we can disable load to cube. Any EventHandler Operation type I can use? to throw and error. on a specific WF? My Ultimate aim is just to see the Intercompany Matching Report on the profile which is visible only if Process step exist.
I am Running a Dashboard Data set rule. The process is a bit longer. For Each EntMem As MemberInfo In BRApi.Finance.Members.GetMembersUsingFilter(si, Brapi.Finance.Dim.GetDimPk(si, "DimName"), "E#Top.Base", True) For Each Parent As Member In BRApi.Fi...
The Function in my rule : Brapi.Utilities.ExecuteDatamanagementSequence run the sequence in Background and allows me to do further operation in BR even before the step is complete.Is this the expected behavior?How do we avoid this. To run further ope...
Code: Dim TimeName As String = "2023M1" Dim dt_NIk As DataTable = BRApi.Import.Data.FdxExecuteDataUnit(si,"Consol", "E#KY00_Total.Base","OwnerPostAdj",Brapi.Finance.Scenario.GetScenarioType(si,si.WorkflowClusterPk.ScenarioKey).Id,"S#Actual_Hist","T#"...
Is there any way we can use the transformation profile one to one mappings in a data table. Preferable to use in a connecter Drill back code. Is there any Data base table for the same.If not, we have a create a custom XFC table in application DB to r...
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