Combo Box value item displays the wrong selection

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Hi All, 


I have a combo box that is in the main dashboard called cb_OnMaindash. The combo box has a parameter linked to it (i.e., a bound parameter) this is delimited list parameter called dl_ComboBox_param. The display items (dash1, dash2, dash3, dash4) and value item (Dashboard_1, Dashboard_2, Dashboard_3, Dashboard_4).  These value items are actual dashboard that I am trying to pull when ever a user selects a specific item from the combo box. 


  • name: dl_ComboBox_param
  • parameter type: delimited list
  • display itemsdash1, dash2, dash3, dash4
  • value items: Dashboard_1, Dashboard_2, Dashboard_3, Dashboard_4

Combo Box

  • Name: cb_OnMaindash




The issue is when i am testing this and select dash1 the dashboard is loaded but the item displayed on the combo box is wrong for example it would display Dash3 instead of Dash1. same thing if I were to select Dash2 and it will either display Dash1 or Dash3. it will only update the selected item if I click the selected item twice.  I truly appreciate it the help! Thank you!



I found something similar to this situation and tried to follow the step, but failed. this example relates to a button. reference:


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Edit: meh, i should learn to read. So you're saying that the action works as expected, but the ComboBox is not displaying the last-selected option. That should not happen. If you are sure you don't have anything else that interacts with that Parameter (e.g. an Extender rule), you might want to talk to Support, it might be a version bug.


Do you really need to use the Page action...? For dashboards, the traditional approach is to use an Embedded Dashboard component, with the parameter expanded in the "Embedded Dashboard" property of the component; then in the triggering component (i.e. the combobox) just have a Refresh action that targets the Dashboard containing that Embedded element.






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Thank you so much for replying! I appreciate your assistance. I will test on your suggestion and if that doesn't work then like you mention it might be related to a version bug. Thanks!