Data Attachment Error in Cube View

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The design doc says that "Any cell in any grid can contain a data attachment. To attach a file, right click on any cell in a data grid and select Data Attachment for Selected Cell".

However in my cube view when I'm following that and when I'm on total year for my budget scenario and total accounts, I get the following error message (it works to add a text for each of the single month for same intersection)


Would you know if I am missing anything in the set up of my cube view or about limitations in regards of data attachment ?

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Hi Matt! Please change  your time to 2023M1 and test.

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Hello Nicolas,

As said in my post, for each month it works but not on total year, however doc says that "it works for any cell in any grid", any ideas why it doesn't on total year?


I don't think you can post data to any Time period that is not a base member, hence why you can't add an attachment either. You might want to bring it up with Support if you think there is a clarification to be had.