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Hi all, 

I am having trouble with a member formula that essentially subtracts interest expense from interest income:



I'm sure I am missing additional dimensions/qualifiers in the member formula, but everything was the exact same except the account of course.

Any direction would be greatly appreciated!


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Good morning, try including the minus sign in the quote / formula that is enclosed by quotation marks. The Design and Reference Guide offers a wide range of examples, e.g.:



Those should be removed:



Despite that, this could just as well be a dynamic calculation in my view. Or the net account could just be the parent of the two base members. Saves you the need to re-calculate, and, more importantly, avoids unnecessary data being written (i.e. stored) into the database.

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The way Calculate works, it's meant to create records in the database that will contain the results of a calculation. To do that, you always have to specify a set of destination coordinates for the records you will be creating; that has to be on the left hand side of the assignment operator (=). So in your case, the formula should probably look something like this:"A#Interest_Expense_Net:F#Cash_Input = A#WC_Interest_Income_ThirdParty:F#Cash_Input - A#WC_Interest_Expense_ThirdParty:F#Cash_Input")

 You should probably review the parts of the Design & Reference Guide that deal with Stored Calculations and Member Formulas. I would also recommend the OneStream Finance Rules and Calculation Handbook, available at online bookstores (Amazon etc).

Absolutely, totally overlooked that the destination is missing as well. Thank you for the spot!